4:30 pm Topeka Group #1 2100 Club 2100 SW Central Park Ave Central Topeka Closed, Wheelchair Access
5:30 pm Wednesday Women's Group Women 731 Buchanon, Topeka KS 731 SW Buchanan St Central Topeka Closed, Women
5:30 pm First 24 Hours Grace Episcopal Church 701 SW 8th Ave Central Topeka Open
5:30 pm Prime Time Live Grace United Methodist Church Topeka, KS 66611 South Topeka Open, Wheelchair Access
5:45 pm Keepin It Real Women's Group Women Unitarian Church 4775 SW 21st St West Topeka Open, Women
7:00 pm Newcomers Meeting 2100 Club 2100 SW Central Park Ave Central Topeka Newcomer, Open, Wheelchair Access
7:00 pm Circle of Hope Group (VA) VA Hospital Building #3 2200 SW Gage Blvd West Topeka Open, Wheelchair Access
7:30 pm Experience The Big Book 1100 Club 1100 SW Wanamaker Rd West Topeka Big Book, Open, Wheelchair Access
7:30 pm Grupo Buscando Mi Nueva Vida 420 SE 29th St, Topeka, KS 66605, USA 420 SE 29th St East Topeka Spanish
7:30 pm Forbes Group Potwin Church SW 4th St Central Topeka Closed
7:30 pm Ebony Group Seaman Community Church 2036 NW Taylor St North Topeka Open, Wheelchair Access
8:00 pm Solutions Group Crestview United Methodist Church 2245 SW Eveningside Dr West Topeka Big Book, Closed, Wheelchair Access