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We are compiling a phone list so that people who call the hotline can get in touch with a sober member of AA.  If you have 1 year or more of sobriety, you can call Travis H. at 785-580-3156.

The Kansas Area 25 website now has an Online Remote Meetings page, searchable and with Zoom meeting links: https://ks-aa.org/meeting/online-remote/

For the greater Topeka area, here is the current list of online meetings (Zoom).

Name of GroupLinksTimes
AA.orgAA Intergroup WebsiteAnytime
Experience the Big BookExperience The Big Book - Zoom LinkLinks to Sun 6:00pm, Wed 7:30pm, Sat 9:15am
District 23 LawrenceDistrict 23 Online Meetings WebsiteAnytime
District 8 TopekaDistrict 8 Website LinkAnytime
Sober Sunday Mens OnlySober Sunday Men's Group - Zoom LinkSunday 7:30pm
Happy Hour GroupHappy Hour - Zoom LinkTuesday 5:30pm
Prime Time LivePrime Time Live - Zoom LinkWednesday 5:30pm
Noon ReflectionsNoon Reflections - Zoom LinkMonday, Wednesday, Friday 12:00pm
Hunters RidgeHunters Ridge - Zoom LinkFriday 8:00pm Passcode 084941
MemorialMemorial Group - Zoom LinkSaturday 8:00pm Passcode 748913
Women's Noon Women's Noon Group - Zoom LinkMon-Fri 12:00pm
Fourth DimensionFourth Dimension - Zoom LinkTue and Thur 7:30pm
Group 1 Sunday 11:00amGroup 1 (2100 Club) - Zoom LinkSunday 11:00am
Saturday Women's RecoverySaturday Women's Revovery - Zoom LinkSatuurday 9:00am
Thurs Women's Step StudyThursday Women's Step Study - Zoom LinkThursday 5:45pm

This we owe to AA’s future …Declaration of Unity

To place our common welfare first … To Keep our fellowship united … For on AA unity depend our lives, and the lives of those to come.

Topeka AA Answering Service: (785) 235-2226 is answered 24 hours a day